Champagne R. Bourdelois
Champagne R. Bourdelois

Champagne R. Bourdelois

シャンパン (Champagne) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者 Dizy
A terroir … It is in the great valley of the Marne, in the heart of champagne, in Dizy near Epernay, that our family perpetuates the Champagne tradition, working an exceptional vineyard since 1901. Planted with the best grape varieties adapted to the soil, its domain located on the terroirs of Hautvillers “Cradle of Champagne”, of Dizy with the sunny slopes and also on the hillsides of Aÿ of secular reputation, Champagne R. Bourdelois possesses the major assets entering in the composition of ‘an exceptional product and of excellent quality. A know-how … Harvesting-handling for 6 generations, present from the size to the bottling, we accompany with attention and passion the growth of our vines. Month after month, our House continues to write its story. As the seasons go by, our vines grow and evolve to give you the best. Champagne R. Bourdelois … We cultivate our vines carefully, then we press, and vinify at the property. This work allows us to produce unique and diversified vintages to satisfy all cravings as well as the finest palates. The new Generation … Audrey, 6th generation, works daily in the respect of the tradition while bringing a touch of modernity to our House, it proposes to you today a new cuvée unique, refined and feminine. An exclusive cuvée that you will have pleasure to discover if you wish it … The vintage O’Désir! Audrey will welcome you with pleasure to the domain, where she will make you taste her cuvées and / or visit the family property …



ピノムニエ シャルドネ ピノ・ノワール




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Champagne R. Bourdelois, Avenue du Général Leclerc, Dizy, France フランス




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Jean-jacques フラグfr 5か月前

Bel accueil. Très bon Champagne ! Maison de champagne à découvrir.

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Arnaud フラグfr 5か月前

Accueil super sympathique, moment très instructif sur l'apprentissage oenologique du champagne, qui plus est avec un champagne de grande qualité (nous recommandons le Blanc de Noirs) !!!

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Lise A. フラグgb 2年前

La visite était un peu trop rapide. Néanmoins en y allant pendant les vendanges, on voit des choses différentes. Bonne dégustation de champagne.


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