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Champagne Legras & Haas

ChouillyでChampagne Legras & Haasにアクセス

シャンパン (Champagne) ワイナリー
Founded in 1991 in Chouilly by François Legras, heir to a long line of winegrowers, and his wife, Brigitte Haas, the Maison Legras & Haas is now run by Rémi, Olivier and Jérôme, their three sons.

Care of the vines, wine techniques and commercial development, the responsibilities are defined for each but in period of vinification all are found to taste each wine and to perfect the blend of the future cuvées.

The Legras – Haas family owns 37 hectares, majority of which are located in Chouilly, an exceptional vineyard on the Cote des Blancs, famous for the quality of its Chardonnays. But in its quest for perfection and enrichment of its range, the Legras – Haas family has also developed its vineyard in Vitryat soil and Les Riceys.



シャルドネ シャッカレロ ピノムニエ

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旅行代理店チームとチャットして、訪問の計画に必要なすべての情報を シャンパン (Champagne) で入手してください。


Champagne Legras et Haas, Grande Rue, Chouilly, France フランス