Château De Crain
Château De Crain

CroignonでChâteau De Crainにアクセス

ボルドー (Bordeaux) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者
You will be welcomed in front of Château de Crain's cellars, in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers wine region. Visit will begin with some informations about the history of the estate and Fougère family, winemakers for almost a century. During the cellar's visit we will explain you the history of this old and impressive building along with the old vinification methods. Then, we will of course explain you the moderns winemaking processes.
You will participate to an original tasting experience of our wines that are still within the vinification process. A short tasting initiation will also be possible for wine taster novice. Then, two differents wines will be tasted, a red from Bordeaux Supérieur appelation and a white from Entre-Deux-mers appelation.
Finally, we will describe you Château de Crain's history, built in the 12th century and displayed on our labels. You will able to head towards the castle and admire the outsides of Château de Crain.



カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン メルロ ソーヴィニヨン・ブラン Cabernet Franc




Vigneron Indépendant

Vigneron Indépendant




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