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Château Smith Haut Lafitte

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ボルドー (Bordeaux) ワイナリー
Château Smith Haut Lafitte became the property of the Cathiard family in 1985. The renewal of the Château and its exceptional rise are due to the energy displayed by this Savoyard couple, ski champions, who made their fortune in mass distribution. In the space of 25 years Daniel and Florence have tirelessly invested and innovated to bring the property to a class of excellence that no other Bordeaux chateau has to date achieved. Renovation and modernization of winemaking and aging cellars, implementation of organic and above all biodynamic agriculture, restructuring of the vineyard, creation of a cooperage, positive energy buildings and waste recycling, development of wine tourism, creation of the Caudalie concept, etc. Never has a Château du Bordelais known such an evolution.

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Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Martillac, France フランス