Chateau Prieure Marquet
Chateau Prieure Marquet

Saint-Martin-du-BoisでChateau Prieure Marquet にアクセス

ボルドー (Bordeaux) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者
The Chateau Prieuré Marquet is located north of Bordeaux, near Libourne and Saint-Emilion, in the center of the Bordeaux countryside. Beautiful in all seasons, the area boasts rolling hills, vineyards, charming villages and elegant chateaus.

Located on a hill, the castle dominates its surroundings. From the large terrace, the view encompasses beautiful vineyards and forest landscape. A long pathway leads to the authentic "chartreuse" made from traditional Bordeaux limestone, characterized by its four main buildings arranged around a large open courtyard.
Since its acquisition in 2014, the castle has received a complete rennovation: a wine storehouse modernization according to a respectful renovation of the place spirit. In a classic and contemporary harmonious blending, noble materials deal with bold gestures of great designers.
A high-end guest house, the Chateau Prieuré Marquet is now a luxurious haven which offers both exclusive and unprecedented services. Preserved and enhanced, the castle’s soul is embodied in a warm setting where each guest can enjoy a real "French lifestyle ».
Forming several hectares, the vineyard extends from the foot of the castle. Tours and tastings are offered, to enjoy all advantages of an estate designed for vacation and viticulture.
Adopting a philosophy to comply with the terroir ensures the vineyard’s future. One castle wing houses the new wine cellar and its storehouse, combining the setting authenticity and modern facilities. They offer ideal conditions for the development of great wines and allow to the property vintages to recover the notoriety they deserve



カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン シャルドネ ガメイ メルロ ソーヴィニヨン・ブラン









Château Prieuré Marquet, Marquette, Saint-Martin-du-Bois, France フランス


  • Premium tour
  • Rural tour
  • Horse riding
  • Jeep ride

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