Château Jouvente
Château Jouvente

IllatsでChâteau Jouventeにアクセス

ボルドー (Bordeaux) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者
Château Jouvente lies in the heart of Illats, a town in the Graves appellation. This vineyard produces red wines of extraordinary character, fruitiness, and elegance. Their dry white wines are fresh, aromatic and complex.

The vineyard stretches across an area of 8.7 hectares. 6.7 Hectares are of red vines and 2 hectares for white hectares.
Château Jouvente is an estate that is proving its worth:

· Our wines are typical of our appellation (fruity and elegant with character) and have won the appellation’s Trophy for Grand Crus Wines of the Graves region for three consecutive years.

· Our red vintages (from 2007 onwards) and white vintages (from 2015 onwards) offer a diverse selection and are of high quality. We currently have two types of red wines: Château Jouvente, aged in barrels and La Source/La Fontaine de Jouvente, aged in vats.

· We have a growing presence in gourmet restaurants – some of which are Michelin-starred – in Paris and Bordeaux.

- Responsible agriculture: we follow a bio-controlled program and are aiming toward High Environmental Value certification in 2020.

- A place for relaxation and wine tourism activities, including Graves and Sauternes wine tasting sessions, treasure hunts and picnics.
- Château Jouvente lives on meetings. Thus, the estate is a space open to culture and the arts in all its forms.

The arts can express the poetics of the terroir and the work of the vine, or even sublimate the places where the work of the wine takes place.



メルロ カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン Petit Verdot Sémillon ソーヴィニヨン・ブラン






Destination vignobles

Destination vignobles


Château Jouvente, Le Bourg, Illats, France フランス



  • Visit, wine tasting and exhibition "Hand-Harvest"
  • On Jouvenile's trail

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