Azienda Agricola Alessandro Rivetto
Azienda Agricola Alessandro Rivetto

La MorraでAzienda Agricola Alessandro Rivettoにアクセス

ピエモンテ (Piémont) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者
We are at the Annunziata, the crucial center of the production of Barolo from La Morra.
If you decide to come and visit us in this wonderful place, you will, hopefully, find something out of the ordinary. Professionality and competence, together with “not taking ourselves too seriously”
The visit gives us the opportunity to impart our principles, which never forget the convivial origin of wine.
It’s important for us to create a bond with the visitor, communicating the meaning of what we do not only in the form of a product, but also of emotions, commitment and vision.



バルベラ ネビオロ マスカット



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旅行代理店チームとチャットして、訪問の計画に必要なすべての情報を ピエモンテ (Piémont) で入手してください。


Az. Agr. Alessandro Rivetto, La Morra, Coni, Italie イタリア