Château de la Clapière
Château de la Clapière

Château de la Clapière

プロヴァンス (Provence) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者 Hyères
Historical property belonging to the FABRE BARTALLI family since 1928, Our Château de la Clapiere cru Classé in Hyères les palmiers is a 55 ha property including 35 of cru Classé since 1955. Our vineyard benefits from a unique micro climate between land and sea also classified as high environmental value
You will find at the chateau an incredible original boutique offering in addition to the wines of the chateau, 300 brands of great wines from France and favorite alcohols of winemakers, but also tableware, crystalware, decorative items and gifts. . On site a small museum dedicated to Queen Victoria who visited the castle and the city of Hyères in 1892 and met around a beautiful love story, the great grandmother of the owners also Victoria. You can also stay at the castle in one of the classified appartment and enjoy the famous Victoria Park and its collection of birds. This enchanting place offers formulas for guided tours only by the owner himself: Visits "in the footsteps of Queen Victoria", visit to Princely and Royal tastings,. Rental of the park for photos, pub, cinema and all other tailor-made requests
At the Château de la Clapiere discover the art of living in Provence in a real Provencal family since 17 generations



カリニャン グルナッシュ シラー Cinsaut ヴェルメンティーノ




Haute Valeur Environnementale

Haute Valeur Environnementale

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Chateau de la Clapiere Cru Classe, Route de Pierrefeu, Hyères, France フランス


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Pierre M. フラグfr 8日前
Prince tasting (カップルとして)

Très belle expérience qui allie l’histoire et le vin. Un hôte charmant qui a plaisir à partager ses connaissances et ses passions. Nous recommandons cette escapade dans le surprenant cadre du château de La Clapière.



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