Hic et Nunc
Hic et Nunc

Vignale MonferratoでHic et Nunc にアクセス

ピエモンテ (Piémont) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者
Hic et Nunc is a new way of seeing the Basso Monferrato area:
an entrepreneurial outlook on the territory without any presumption.
A state of the art winery open to visitors, capable of promoting
local grape varieties through balanced and transparent winemaking
choices and the expressiveness of aromas.
A wine resort where you can delve in the nature of wine
and in the surrounding environment, all yet to be discovered.



バルベラ コルテス



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HIC ET NUNC Srl, Loc. Ca’ Milano, Vignale Monferrato, Alexandrie, Italie イタリア