Château Giscours, Grand Cru Classé
Château Giscours, Grand Cru Classé

Château Giscours, Grand Cru Classé

ボルドー (Bordeaux) ワイナリー/ワイン生産者 Labarde
From the land of Giscours, in the very heart of the Margaux appellation,
a great wine is produced: Château Giscours,
recognized as a gold standard in the world of Bordeaux Grands Crus.

But this is not all, Giscours is much more! A vibrant community lives and breathes at Giscours.
Wine being both the last and the first step; the origin and the end.
A working farm, grassland where animals graze, a vegetable garden to be as self-sufficient as possible, offering local products to our Chef as well as food for the cattle.
Guests stay on site in our rooms or in our houses for a day or a few nights, for a celebration, a memorable event, a relaxing getaway or a private dinner at the Château.

The immensity of the park can be explored as a real forest of wonders, discovering rare species, venerable trees, and an astonishing array of wildlife, along the locks and the ponds.

Abundance is the rule at Giscours and the view is wide. Winegrowers and farm workers come and go, grapes arrive, visitors cross paths in the shop, the work in the vineyard is carried out, wine tastings are held throughout the day.

Discovering Giscours means enjoying a great wine, Third Growth, powerful yet precise, a historic symbol of Bordeaux’s reputation, but it is also experiencing the life at Giscours and engaging to it.
Taking part to this vibrant whirlwind is unique, surprising and memorable. A far cry from the world of impressive façades and museum-style properties, Giscours is a fully immersive experience, offering a captivating and authentic atmosphere.

This exceptional combination of life and wine makes Giscours a spectacular experience.



カベルネ・ソーヴィニヨン Cabernet Franc Petit Verdot メルロ







10 Route de Giscours, Labarde, France フランス


  • Château Giscours, Grand Cru Classé
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Château Giscours, Grand Cru Classé は、彼の経験のいくつかを私的に生きることを申し出る。つまり、体験を生きるのはあなただけのグループになるということです。Château Giscours, Grand Cru Classé のプライベートな体験は次のとおりです:
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