Antichi Vinai 1877
Antichi Vinai 1877

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シチリア ワイナリー/ワイン生産者
It is from the secrets and the passion for the vine that Antichi Vinai wines were born.
For five generations the Gangemi family has been fully devoted to viticulture and to the enhancement of native Sicilian grapevines, especially those on Mt Etna, which are born in this island centuries ago. One hundred years of hard work among the vineyards as well as in the ageing cellars, have added experience to the passion, and then technology followed, altogether to give strong certainties to relish to all Sicilian wine lovers.

We are the Volcano’s Offspring
The slopes of Mt. Etna host some of the most peculiar vineyards in Europe. Alpine altitudes, Mediterranean exposure and wide temperature ranges, thanks to volcanic soils, give wines unique characteristics.
From Randazzo to Biancavilla, via Piedimonte Etneo and Milo, at altitudes from 400 to 1000 meters, is the production area of Antichi Vinai Etna DOC wine.
In each slope and in each contrada, microclimates has to be interpreted to ensure the best bland.
In Gangemi family’s vineyards the grapes are hand-picked with all the delicacy we can reserve to precious rarity, and are transformed in unique wines that can tell us something new at each sip: Antichi Vinai enhance the authentic character of the territory with the great quality and personality of their wines.



ネレッロ・マスカレーゼ ネレッロ・カプッチョ カタラット カリカンテ インツォリア グリロ ネロ・ダヴォラ



Via Castiglione, 49, 95012 Castiglione di Sicilia, CT, Italia イタリア


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