Domaine De La Font Des Pères
Domaine De La Font Des Pères

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It was told that observantine monks were installed on this exceptionnal site, rich in natural ressources, in the middle of the XIII century.
Religious, yet farmers, due to the awareness of the hill’s rich soil, they planted numerous corps and subsequently the first vines appeared.
Named after its natural springs (La Font) and the people who exploited it (Les Pères), the story of La Font des Pères started.
These days the story of LFDP is continued by Caroline et Philippe Chauvin. In 2010, they fell under the charm of the site, which was in a region they had known by heart since the 80’s.
Due to their success, they more than doubled their land to 14 ha.
The wine cellar enlarged with the decision to sell direct to the public and to the farmhouses. Most of the production was sold on the site, benefitting from the beauty of the site to attract customers.
At the foot of the site, they bought 4 villas and renovated them in order to further develop wine tourism.
Gastronomy and quality wines, added to a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, are the receipe for success and the writing of news pages of the continuing story of LFDP.



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