Quinta De Lourosa
Quinta De Lourosa

LousadaでQuinta De Lourosa にアクセス

Only 40 km from Porto and served by excellent access, Quinta de Lourosa is the ideal place to recover from the city hustle and bustle.
We are cozy and welcoming in the Winter, quiet in the Spring and calm during the Summer. We are a destination for a family vacation, for a romantic weekend getaway for two, or a resort for professional retreats. Quinta de Lourosa offers guided tours to the vineyards and the winery. We welcome you to our wine tastings and to also experience one of our tour packages. Come and get a small taste of our traditional and creative cuisine, see our local crafts and visit our historical and cultural relief places.



アルヴァリーニョ アリント-ペデルナ アヴェッソ ローレイロ ヴィンハン トゥリガナシオナル



Quinta de Lourosa, Estrada Santa Maria de Sousela, Lousada, Portugal ポルトガル


  • Visit to the vineyards and tasting of Vinho Verde

ヴィーニョ・ヴェルデ (Vinho Verde)の他の体験