Discover the region and its vineyard

Let's discover this winegrowing region located in the south of France and which is lying on 6 departments. The region is the second biggest winegrowing region of the country thanks to its annual wine production of 3,000,000 hectoliters. Winalist will help you tou discover the region. 


Why should you come in this region ?

Located 4hours from the French capitale, Rhône's coasts produce every kind of wine : rosés, white and red but also sparkling wines. This region is divided in two territories : one is located in the north and the other in the south of the region. The Rhône's coats get various grounds thanks to a Mediterranean climate. We can find some hillsides, hills and reliefs. Wines which are producing in the region are really clear and this is the reason of their reputation. Main cities are Avignon, Valence and Montélimar. The principal varieties of grappes are Syrah, Grenache Noir and Mourvèdre. You will find lots of vineyards to visit thanks to Winalist and its large selection of activities, visits and tastings in the region. 

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