Âme Wine - Winalist
Âme Wine - Winalist

Âme Wine

ロワール渓谷 (Val de Loire) ワイナリー Chouzé-sur-Loire
An adage in our region says that "Ignorance of the Loire is no excuse" !
And because the Wine is an amazing "excuse" to discover a region, we have created a complete concept and our approach consists of a total immersion in the vineyards and the knowledge of wine in combination with them with regional treasures, fun activities and the gastronomy of the region.
Âme Wine designs à la carte fun wine presentations, which are adapted to your desires and limits, in order to make you live a unique experience.
Each tasting takes place in the heart of our exceptional vineyards and over all the appellations of the Loire, but particularly in the AOC’s of the Touraine:
St Nicolas de Bourgueil, Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray, Montlouis-sur-Loire, Azay-le-Rideau....
The domaines have been specially chosen for their quality of production, their history and their great heritage and we will introduce you into the vineyards of the Loire, through a tutored tasting of a wide range of wines – sparkling, whites, reds and sweets.
In a fun-friendly atmosphere, you will discover the Loire vineyards, its diversity, grape varieties, soils, but also the different methods of wine making, the philosophies of production.
We are particularly keen to pass on the values, conviviality and respect of the terroir, in partnership with our wine making friends and local producers.
My pleasure is to share with you my passion for the Touraine and to allow you to live a truly unique experience.
Our strong points :
Fun and friendly presentations around wine, the terroir in association with local partners.
A tailor-made programme in line with your wishes.
Presentations which include, tasting, visits, activities and gastronomy in 1/2 a day or fullday.
A single point of contact from beginning to end.
For sure, you will go back home with an improved oenological training, but with a "piece of the Loire Valley" in your mind forever !
Looking forward to meeting you soon...
ブドウ畑と発見 素晴らしいワイン観光地の公式賞

9 Rue des Briqueries, 37140 Chouzé-sur-Loire, France フランス

写真 Âme Wine
  • Âme Wine - Winalist
  • Wine Rallies through the vines  - Âme Wine - Winalist - Winalist
  • Wine Rallies through the vines  - Âme Wine - Winalist - Winalist
  • Wine Rallies through the vines  - Âme Wine - Winalist - Winalist
  • Wine Rallies through the vines  - Âme Wine - Winalist - Winalist
  • Wine Rallies through the vines  - Âme Wine - Winalist - Winalist


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