Château des Bachelards
Château des Bachelards

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The Château des Bachelards vineyard was created by the Benedictine monks of Cluny around 1100. Doubly certified organic FR-BIO-15 and biodynamic Demeter, the wines are part of this lineage. We are the only ones in the appellation and we will remain the pioneers of biodynamics in Fleurie, Moulin-à-Vent and Saint-Amour. The soils have been free from chemicals since 2007 and this changes the style of the wines. Standardized by wines yeasted on weeded soils, few professionals recognize our appellations blindly. The wines of Château des Bachelards are characterized by the combination of the elegance of Burgundy and the delicacy of the Rhône Valley. Our soils are alive and so are the wines.

The estate does not practice carbonic, semi-carbonic or thermovinification maceration. It does not use any artificial yeast. The wines have their own identity and only resemble themselves, they are local. Indeed, the Château des Bachelards is a pioneer in its appellation in many respects:
- Agroforestry in the vines for the balance of the biotope and biodiversity
- Ouessant sheep for their sole presence as well as soil fertilization
- Bees naturally arrived, vegetable garden in permaculture
- Herbalist at the castle for our biodynamic herbal teas
- High training in acacia stakes because we are looking for aromas and complexity
- Very high density (10,000 plants per hectare), low yields
- Very old vines in massale because the Bachelards plants are unique
- Manual harvest, gravity reception, to avoid damaging the fruit
- Indigenous yeasts only, otherwise the wines are technological
- Aging for two years because our terroir requires it, proof of its greatness
- Never chemistry, only natural and no carbon or thermovinification
- Member of Renaissance des Appellations, the group of large estates around the world in biodynamic agriculture, member of the Abbey Wines group, etc.
- Winner of the Wine Tourism Trophy of the 100 best French properties for the quality of wine tourism.



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Château des Bachelards, Fleurie, France フランス


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  • La Grande Dégustation du Château des Bachelards
  • Pique-nique dans les vignes bio
  • Apéritif découverte : tapas et dégustation de 2 vins

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