Tenuta Santa Maria Di Gaetano Bertani
Tenuta Santa Maria Di Gaetano Bertani

VéroneでTenuta Santa Maria Di Gaetano Bertaniにアクセス

ベネト ワイナリー/ワイン生産者
Tenuta Santa Maria is the private estate of the Bertani family based in the eighteenth-century Villa Mosconi Bertani in Arbizzano di Negrar, Verona. Let yourself be enchanted by the Villa and its frescoes, relax in the romantic park and discover the history and traditions of Valpolicella in the Historic Cellar, the birthplace of Amarone. Taste the wines of the Bertani Family, the result of centuries of experience in native varieties and traditional methods combined with continuous research and innovation, to enhance the Valpolicella terroirs.

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Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani - Winery & Wine Shop, Negrar, Vérone, Italie イタリア