Rendez-vous Dans Les Vignes
Rendez-vous Dans Les Vignes

Rendez-vous Dans Les Vignes

ロワール渓谷 (Val de Loire) その他のワインツーリズム事業 Charmigny, Chançay
At the heart of the Loire Valley, in the village of Chançay, between Tours (20 km) and Amboise (15 km), come and meet Myriam Fouasse-Robert, the granddaughter and wife of winemakers producing Vouvray wines, and live a complete wine experience at the heart of her family's winery - Vignoble Alain Robert, located at the heart of the vineyard of Vouvray.

Since 2014, Myriam has been offering off the beaten path guided wine tours including more than the traditional tours of the cellar and tastings of the wines produced at the family winery. She runs unique, genuine and educational wine tours in the vineyard to allow you to discover the whole wine-making process, as well as about the Loire Valley wines and vineyards. Not only is she eager to share with you her knowledge of the wine-producing world but also her passion for her home region.

The wine tours Myriam offers are 'slow' tours: we take our time and enjoy the beautiful vineyard landscapes, as well as the peace and tranquility of living in the Loire Valley. As a former English teacher, Myriam speaks fluent English. She gives intimate tours, either in English or in French, but never mixes the two languages, to make it more confortable for visitors.

Vignoble Alain Robert, Charmigny, Chançay, France フランス


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Gérard B. フラグfr 9か月前
From vine to wine tour (カップルとして)

Excellente visite due à la qualité pédagogique de l’intervenante et ses connaissances œnologiques lors de la visite des vignes, du chai, des caves et enfin de la dégustation d’au moins 6 vins différents accompagnés de produits locaux.


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