Tenuta Enza La Fauci
Tenuta Enza La Fauci

Tenuta Enza La Fauci

シチリア ワイナリー Messina
The Enza La Fauci estate stands on family land that is located near Capo Peloro, right where Ulysses encounters the sirens during his long journey and, in order not to succumb to the enchantment of their voices, he is tied up by his men mast of the boat.
We are right at the entrance to the Strait of Messina. A clayey soil mixed with limestone, Scirocco and Tramontana winds, abundant winter rainfall, make this territory "unique" compared to other parts of Sicily, often characterized by more arid and sunny landscapes.
The work in the vineyard is done only manually, with the exception of a small tractor that we use to work the land. Being particularly attentive to the total respect of the naturalness of the wines, we do not use any type of chemical herbicide.
I often like to claim to be an organic more organic than organic. But aside from the pun,
this is my working condition.
Four varieties are grown with Cordon Royat and Guyot: Nerello Macalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Nocera, Nero D'Avola.
使用されるブドウ品種 ネロダボラ
ワイン価格 ボトルあたり€10.00-€30.00

Via Piano Forno SS 113 Km 18,800, 98163 Mezzana, Messina ME イタリア

  • Tenuta Enza La Fauci
  • Sunset walk
  • Lunch in the winery
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